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The Richardson Family

We are Billy and Jennifer Richardson.  We were a family of four but now our boys are grown and we are a family of 160!  We are so passionate about raising beautiful goats and dogs that our new 23 acre farm was purchased for them. 

We fell in love with the Boer on our first farm visit at a friends ranch.  We truly believe these animals are incredibly intelligent and full of personality and mischief.  

Billy was raised on a dairy farm and loved Holsteins all his life.  He milked a herd of 35 most of his young life and in 2003 had a beef cow/calf operation.  Jennifer started as a breeder of quality German Shepherds in 1999 and is not only raising Shepherds but also Guard Dogs for the goats.  She raises the Anatolian/Pyrenees mix that makes for an amazing guard dog. They are raised in the barn directly with the goats from birth.   

Later, in 2005 we purchased our first four doelings.  We started with four girls to clean up our woods and were so impressed with these animals that we welcomed the opportunity to expand. We still have one of our original girls, Mary, on our farm and will allow her to stay with us always.  

We lived in a beautiful pine grove for over 20 years and named our farm Whispering Pines Farm in which there are many registered goats carrying that name.   When we moved we made the decision to move our farm name up the alphabet so we changed it to Cane Run Creek Boer Goats.  By 2010 we had sold the cattle and were fully into the goat operation.

God has used these animals to bless our family in so many ways.  We have been able to instill a love for animals in our sons and in many others lives, share in the wonder of birth, meet so many wonderful people with like passions and respect for these animals from all over these great United States, and find a simpler way of life that opens our eyes to God's amazing creation.  We wish the same blessing for you and your family!   <>< 

Cane Run Creek Boer Goats

Billy and Jennifer Richardson
1800 Tommy Toms Road
Horse Cave, KY 42749

270-218-0777 - cell

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