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Annie the Anatolian

Guard Dog Female

Annie the Anatolian - Guard Dog Female
Be sure to look at the rest of the pictures to see Annie's gentleness with the kids!

Annie the Anatolian - Guard Dog Female
Annie licks these orphans to keep them clean.

Annie the Anatolian - Guard Dog Female
She even allows them to suckle!

All of Annie's Puppies are Sold!
(UPDATED 4/2015) 
Puppies are $450.  We are now accepting deposits of $200 with an early bird discount of $50 for the puppy of your choice. (discount only until birth)  

 See our "Puppies for Sale" page for more information.
This is our precious Annie. She is a fullblood Anatolian Shepherd. She is very obedient and loves all of our animals. These dogs have been used for many years to guard sheep in Africa against Lion attacks.  Anatolians get very large with great muscle and strength.  We have studied the mix of the Anatolian/Great Pyrenees and they are very desirable with a wonderful personality for guarding any of your farm animals or you and your home.  Our puppies are raised and trained in the barn with the goats.  They are born with a natural instinct to guard animals and this insures the bond. 
Be sure and check out her other pictures of how well she takes care of our babies.  She has even adopted orphaned twins and not only kept them clean but also let them nurse!

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