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Whispering Pines Layla

Boer Goat Doe
Price: $675  -  Sold!!
Born: 03/21/06
Sire: LTW Stripper
Dam: BG African Queen L22

Whispering Pines Layla - Boer Goat Doe
What a body!

Whispering Pines Layla - Boer Goat Doe

Whispering Pines Layla - Boer Goat Doe

This doe is one of our foundation does and she has given us beautiful spotted twins almost every kidding.  She has nearly a perfect form and huge muscle mass with broad chest and thick loin.  She and her sister were solely responsible for beginning our spotted herd. This is the "old blood" that build our herd!

Layla is exposed to Tonka Joe.


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Whispering Pines Layla

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BG African Queen L22

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Ram H Spice Brew #2
R17 649-185/192
286 649-185/63

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